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1. Eastern meditation over-calms your brain (amygdala), you become sedated, so its actually bad news for normal people.

2. Meditators get 70% more endogenuous dopamine which causes addiction and visualization which explains why meditators do what they do for hours/day over many years. Because of dpamine, meditators may visualize images that normal people do not see like music or energy as light. 

3. Meditators get a lot more sleep waves in the brain and less of active, fast beta wave. The ability to assess, evaluate and choose right from wrong is compromised. Scientist at Brown's Univ describe it as " power to ignore" and " optimization of inattention"

4. Meditative practices aims to deny all thoughts, starve and deprive the frontal lobe of incoming data to the point that the parietal lobe is dectivated. This causes meditators to lose their position in 3 dimensional space when they "feel" one with everything. This is the point at which meditators feel that they are ONE with the whole universe. The danger is that the phenomena is interpreted as Nirvana for Hindus, "Liberation" for Buddhists and " being in God's Presence" for Christians.

5. Cerebral blood flow is reduced to the frontal lobe in Yoga Nidra. This also contributes to taking your frontal lobe "offline".

6. The Oxford Mindfulness Centre failed to prove that the "mindfulness" component in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy ( MBCT ) was what worked for depression, because the study showed that the Cognotive Therapy alone ( without Mindfulness ) worked just as well.

7. Columbia University tells us how hypnotism works which supports the reason why when the frontal lobe goes offline in meditation, it is "self-hypnosis" as confirmed by other researchers. [ click S #08 - #10S #11 - 15 ]