Science, Meditators' Own Beliefs and Their Own Account Of Their Personal Experience Converge Ultimately, Pointing To ULTIMATE DANGER !

It is only when brain functions are dissociated and the mind is open to hypnotic suggestion, that the meditative common experience of "universal consciousness" which is variously expressed spiritually as "oneness with Divinity" occurs. Why is it that when the mind is not in meditation, when it is in any other state, that these experiences do not occur ? Mystical experiences occur only in trances, in hypnotism, with hallucinogens, with damaged frontal lobes and when frontal lobes go "offline" in meditation, these should alert us of the dangers in such practices. 

When King David meditated in Psalms 19, God brought Him to a point when he confronted his own "secret faults" and "presumptuous sins". He came to a point of acute differentiation between good and evil. The outcome of Biblical meditation is directly the opposite of eastern meditation. The outcome of eastern meditation at their peak is the point of non-dual experience when all polar opposites including good and evil cease to be, and yet this state is their God-state, their oneness with Divinity.  

The stated objective of eastern meditation is to detach from this world where good/evil, life/death, etc are regarded as illusions, withdrawing internally to something else which they term the "true-self" which by definition has to be pure spirit, body-less and thus devoid of physical, mental and ethical boundaries. How does love, compassion, courage, joy, reality and our will exist in this state ? Or are their absence compensated by tranquility ( calmed amygdala & sleep waves ), universal oneness ( the phenomena ) , the hypnotic suggestion of being divine, visualization and addiction ( endogenous dopamine ) ?