15.06.2018 17:59

Child of God

Can you tell me your email please so you can tell me how to meditate biblically? I don’t want my email all over the internet

27.07.2017 01:47

Loren Shetler

Please let me know how I can have a deeper biblical meditation like David

31.03.2017 15:17


How do you do Biblical Meditation? Like the one David did.

03.04.2017 11:45

Kok Tho

Let me have your email and I will write out the process ... what it is and what it is not.... the how and why authentic Bible meditation can be easily recognized by its result.

06.01.2016 07:56

Michael E. Welch

Dear and Respected and Well-loved, too, Mr. Yip,
Thanks for the excellent presentations that you gave at Aenon and in our private conversations. Truly God has given you insights Satan's methods!