Is The Renovare Alliance Leading Us Deep Into Pan-Holy-ism Of Pantheism, Panentheism and Non Dualism Under The Banner Of " Jesus One Jesus All " ?

What does Renovare mean by stating that Jesus in His life “integrated  the sacred and the secular” and that as a result of such integration “ we can move readily in the power of God everyday of the week, not just on “holy” days” ? 

  • Pantheism saw man in unitive oneness with the cosmos as impersonal energy, essence, consciousness, etc. Now pantheism has matured into panentheism where the impersonal has taken on the PERSON of GOD. Hence their expression that God is One. God is All.

  • This catchphrase tuned especially for the unsuspecting Christian draws them directly into pantheism wherein since everything is one, there is no differentiation between good and evil. This as explained below in Professor Johnsen's book " The Mystic Omega Of End-Time Crisis"

Professor Carsten Johnsen

I had much misgivings and resisted the repeated suggestion in Renovare’s Spiritual Formation Handbook that Jesus in His life “integrated  the sacred and the secular” in pages 26 and 71 where they most eloquently expressed that the result of such integration was “ we can move readily in the power of God everyday of the week, not just on “holy” days”.  Today, their intended objective became so apparent as expressed in page 53 of Professor Carsten Johnsen’s seminal work “ The Mystic Omega Of End-Time Crisis “ written 50 years ago.

“Now, what all those pan-isms ( pantheism, panentheism )  actually say is very much the same thing. It could be epitomized in one sentence once more: "It makes no virtual difference." What makes no difference? "It makes no difference whether or not there is sin in your life." Why does that make no difference? "Because with God and with the entire material world nothing makes any difference. For God is the world, and the world is God. The holy is profane and the profane is holy. It is all one huge mass. There is no distinction anywhere worth mentioning. To distinguish would immediately presuppose a personally conscious and order-arranging-arranging mind. But personalism is an anomaly and a bad dream. And order is fortuitous and self creative. Progress is an inevitable surging up of goodness and glory happening all by itself. So just as the holiness of the Sabbath has automatically 'split over' into all the other days, so God's general holiness has 'split over' into the material world, making it all holy. Hence sin and profanity are non existent. Personal responsibility and personal guilt are evils of a diseased imagination. Such taboos have been luckily overcome in the blessed kingdom of pan-holy-ism."! This is largely the message all varieties of the "all-god" theory endeavor to inculcate on our minds. Small wonder that it was Seventh-day Adventism that was destined to unmask the bastard daughters of spiritualism as they had never been unmasked before.”

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The word “pan” means “all” and in the extreme of panentheism it means “ God is One, God is All “ which is taken to mean God in everything and everyman without exclusion. The equivalent catchphrase when expressed in Emergent Church vocabulary when modified to fit the emerging  pan-Christianity is “ Jesus One. Jesus All. “  

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