NEW Health And Spirituality Network of Dr. Edwin Noyes, Eric Wilson, Magna Parks Porterfield Ph.D, Will Baron and Kok Tho Yip

Dr.Edwin A.Noyes M.D., MPH

Our invitation to you to join an extensive network of a special interest group. 

From: Edwin A. Noyes M.D., MPH. Forest Grove, Oregon, 97116

This letter is presented to those who have concern over the encroachment of spiritualism through questionable healing practices into general medicine as well as into the Church and its institutions, sometimes even used in church health outreach programs.

I refer to Eastern style meditation, yoga and yoga exercises, acupuncture, tai chi chuan, various types of divination including iridology, Reiki, homeopathy, applied kinesiology,  essential oils and aromatherapy,  hypnotism, biofeedback, astrology, radionic machines, crystal therapy,  reflexology, magnets,  vibrational/frequency medicine, energy medicine, and various mind therapies, etc.

Over the past twenty years several individuals have shared through personal contact, letters, public seminars, DVDs and books, revealing the dangerous spiritualism associated with these phenomena.   However, these efforts have barely put a dent into the spread and acceptance of this, right arm of the New Age/Neo-pagan evangelism, within the church.  There is an urgent need to identify these deceptive practices and make plain their spiritual danger.  

I invite you to join with me in forming an email networking group of individuals who have interest and knowledge in this field of deception and are interested in learning and sharing in a way that can bring a greater impact of identifying  these spiritual dangers.   Indulging in these practices can result in one’s name being removed from the Book of Life. 

“…sorcerers  (those who do magic arts NIV), idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.” Rev. 21:8. (NKJV)

The goal is to make known locations where one can access information revealing these healing practices, such as web sites, You Tube, DVDs, audio, and written material.  My hope is that there will be many who chose to join in, be informed, and then in turn, share with others, thus making a difference.  

A small Research team has been formed, with several members having come out of the occult lifestyle. Questions can be asked and answers shared with all.  Periodically specific articles of information that would be helpful in avoiding these deceptions will be sent out to the email networking group. 

Members of Research Group:

  1. Will Baron, 12 years in New Age Movement; Christian conversion, author and lecturer.
  2. Eric Wilson, 25 years in martial arts; Christian conversion, authorand lecturer.
  3. Yip Kok Tho:  20 years Zen Buddhist; Christian conversion, author and lecturer
  4. Magna Parks Porterfield Ph.D.;  psychologist, lecturer, author  of Biblical psychology methods
  5. Edwin Noyes M.D., MPH; physician, researcher , lecturer, and author revealing spiritistic deceptions in healing practices

It is our desire in initiating an email networking group to make known the fundamental teachings from which mystical and spiritualistic healing methods have their explanation as to their power to heal. 

If you have acquaintances who you know would appreciate having their name with this network, please forward the letter, everyone will need to email a request to be a part of the network.  If you are interested please respond by giving your name and email address using the following address.    Do not click “reply“at the end of this letter for your response.

See attached document below: 

Thanks for your interest, 

Edwin Noyes M.D., MPH

Forest Grove, Oregon


The NETWORK - The Problem And The Need


The Spread of Spiritualistic Practices in Health and Healing

Why the Need to Identify?

Alternative healing therapies have swept across the West like a tsunami in the past 45-50 years. Claiming to heal disease and promote a "holistic" lifestyle for improved health and well-being, these therapies often have their origin in the pagan and pantheistic teachings of Eastern and Far Eastern religions and their philosophies. Typically, these therapies lack a history of benefit to the civilizations from which they come. For example, for thousands of years China dealt with disease from the concept that sickness is caused by an imbalance of cosmic energy within the body. Chinese medicine, in the form of acupuncture and herbal remedies, endeavored to cure disease through a re-balance of these mystical energies. Under this system of medicine, in 1949 a baby born in China could expect a life span of 35 years on average. A change in approach to illness was subsequently implemented. Scientific hygienic principles were instituted, pure water, closed sewers, immunization and control of vectors for parasitic disease were established across the country. By the year 2000 a new-born child in China could expect 70 years of life. Yet, with no history or scientific evidence for the energy-balancing techniques being of truly effective physiologic healing value, these ancient modalities have become increasingly popular in our Western culture. 

This discourse attempts to answer the question: Why the need to identify and evaluate these popular alternative and so-called "holistic" healing practices?


According to analytical data released by the US Government's National Institute of Health (NIH), each year over $30 billion is spent by Americans on out-of-pocket expenses for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.1 According to the NIH Center for Complimentary and Integrative Health, the alternative approaches "include a group of diverse medical and health care systems, practices, and products, such as herbal supplements, meditation, chiropractic, and yoga. Around half of the total expenditure, some $15 billion, is spent on visits to alternative healing practitioners. The specific methodologies employed include yoga exercises, Eastern-style meditation, chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture, acupressure, tai chi chuan, iridology, Reiki, homeopathy, applied kinesiology, essential oils and aromatherapy, hypnotism, biofeedback, astrology, radionic machines, crystal therapy, reflexology, chakra balancing, magnet therapy and vibrational healing. Each year, over 80 million adults in the USA participate in these methodologies. Their practitioners claim that these methods will bring about healing and an enhancement of general health. According a 2017 NIH report, these alternative healing approaches are increasing in popularity year by year.2  


Research into the origins and theories behind these practices reveals that a substantial number of them derive from Western occultism and Eastern pagan religion practices and mystical beliefs. Given the pagan origins of many of these alternative healing practices, Christians need to question, How safe are they for one's personal spiritual well-being? 

Peggy was a very devout Christian who faithfully attended church every Sunday morning. With the passing of years, she started to develop lower back pain. Regular medicine did not seem to provide much relief, so she decided to see a chiropractor. After a few visits, the friendly chiropractor told Peggy that he had recently undergone training in some powerful new techniques, and he wanted to treat her with these methods if she was willing. Peggy was not told what this new therapy was, but from her description it appeared to be some kind of energy-balancing regimen. Peggy reported that she seemed to feel unusually tired for a few days after the treatment. The following Sunday morning, she didn't feel like going to church. She was also aware that she seemed to have developed some negative thoughts and emotions toward the minister and some of the people at the church. So she decided to skip attending that morning; the first time she had missed church in quite a number of years. The next week, she felt the same, and skipped church again. In fact she ceased attending church for about 3 years, returning only after intercessory prayer and encouragement by her godly friends. She now traces her negative anti-church sentiments to those mystical energy-balancing treatments given by her chiropractor.

Will Baron, author of the best-seller book Deceived by the New Age, was born and brought up as a Seventh-day Adventist. A desire to overcome anxiety and phobias motivated him to develop an interest in psychology and psychotherapy. While reading a book on self-help for stress, Will's attention was caught by a reference to an organization called Health For the New Age, which offered information on alternative healing methods. He was motivated to make contact with this organization. Never in his wildest imaginations did Will anticipate that this contact and his interest in psychology and alternative healing would gradually lead him into the seductive world of Eastern mysticism and transcendental meditation. Through an immersion in contemplative spirituality, Will eventually experience a nightmare of slavery under the control of a demonic spirit guide masquerading as "Jesus Christ". Alternative healing and secular-oriented psychology are potentially very dangerous to one's soul.


The "Health and Spirituality Research Network" has been established in order to warn the flock about the dangers and deception posed by the alternative healing and spirituality. It is planned that the networking group will make available online, by email or through websites, and through books, information which facilitates making an intelligent choice as to whether or not one would choose to participate in healing therapies and/or physical practices of the alternative healthcare types.


Please allow me to share a very recent experience demonstrating how communicating information on alternative healing methods can bear spiritual fruit for our Lord's kingdom.

One evening in January 2019 I received a phone call from John, a distraught young man who resides in the State of Massachusetts. He had recently found an electronic copy of the book I authored, Exposing Spiritualistic Practices in Healing, and had read just two chapters: the one on “Universal Energy" and the one on "Homeopathy". He was ecstatic over the information contained in the book, and said that he was some sort of “mystic” himself. He read a comment in the book that Samuel Hahnemann M.D., the originator of homeopathy, had been a follower of world-renowned spiritualist Emanuel Swedenburg. John stated that the information in the book was putting an end to his homeopathic therapy. He was having some type of physical distress, and had been trying various remedies, including homeopathic preparations.

He next volunteered to say that he was a member of a dominate church, and then asked if it was a “man-made” or “God-made” church?  I was suspicious that this was a trick question, so did not give a direct answer. John interrupted me and asked again, ”man-made or God-made?”  I then said, “my understanding is man-made."  His response was, "Then that is the end of my membership."  He next asked if there was a church that was "God-made."  I told him that the Seventh-day Adventist church was the only one I knew of that followed the Scriptures totally (he did not know I was a Seventh-day Adventists). He responded, "I dabbled in that one, it was in diet."  Then he asked what my preference was, and I said, "Seventh-day Adventist."  Then he really got really excited, and asked if a SDA church was near his residence.

John wanted to know if I was acquainted with any physician who could help him. I had knowledge of one physician, Dr. Clark, who I believed had what he was looking for, but was located in the state of Maine. I gave him the doctor’s name and email address. I then notified the doctor to expect an email message from this caller. My new friend had Roku on his TV, and so I gave him the names of 7 SDA TV channels. To shorten this narrative, I here present the correspondence that followed:

To John: 

“John, you said you had fear. What sort of fear?”

John's Answer: 

“Hello, I’m afraid of my neighbors, and the way some of them have mistreated me. I live in a senior, public housing building. There are a lot of sick and disturbed people here, and it’s very oppressive. I live alone, so I’m alone all of the time. I called an SDA Church, in New Bedford, and I spoke with their Pastor. He’s great!  I told him that I want to go to their church, and asked about getting a ride there. I also asked him to ask around if someone has an apartment in the New Bedford area.

Dr. Clark called me tonight. He’s not in Maine anymore, he’s in Australia. But he’s willing to do tele-medicine for a donation. I plan on scheduling with him for next month. And, He gave me some book titles to find, written by Dr. Chalmers, and Ellen G White. So, I’m on the right path, now. Thanks for your help.”


Making known the available information that informs of mystical and spiritualistic healing practices might well multiply experiences like this. That is our prayer as we launch the HEALTH AND SPIRIUTUALITY RESEARCH NETWORK.  Please accept this invitation to join our network by sending us your email address for placing on our distribution list, and in turn please share with others what you are discovering.

On behalf of the Health and Spirituality Research Network,





Will Baron

Will Baron

Will Baron- Religious Background:

Born to an Adventist family. Became a deist in early twenties. In mid-twenties joined the London-based organization "Health for the New Age", an advocate for alternative and mystical healing therapies. In 1980 in Los Angeles joined "The Lighted Way", a New Age metaphysical center based on Alice Bailey's progressive Theosophy teachings, and an affiliate of the "Touch For Health" applied kinesiology organization. In 1984 "The Lighted Way" center became a "New Age Christian" organization when a new spirit guide claiming to be "Jesus Christ" took control of the center and my personal life. In 1987, through reading an account of Ellen White's "Great Controversy" vision, was dramatically and miraculously rescued from New Age deception and demonic control. Was re-baptized as an Adventist later that year, and have served as a local elder and Sabbath School teacher at the Norwalk Church since 1991.


Author of "Deceived by the New Age", best-seller published by Pacific Press 1990,

            and subsequently translated and published in about 10 languages worldwide.

Rework & editing help on original manuscript for "Spiritualistic Deceptions in Health &

            Healing", authored by Edwin Noyes MD, published by Homeward Bound 2007.

TV & Radio Broadcast Interviews:

TV:  It Is Written, Faith For Today, CBN's "700 Club", CTN's "Action Sixties".

Radio:  Voice of Prophecy, The Quiet Hour , Institute for Creation Research.

Camp Meetings & Church Presentations:

Many presentations given at Conference camp meetings and at local Adventist churches, warning about the dangers and deception of New Age contemplative spirituality.

Domicile:  Living in Southern California from 1979 to present.

Born in 1949 and brought up near the City of Manchester, Northern England, UK.


Retired sales & technical support administrator, commercial/industrial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning equipment and components trade.




Edwin A. Noyes M.D., MPH

Retired family physician, Vietnam war medical officer veteran, short term mission service as surgeon Phuket, Thailand. He has presented seminars on nutrition and lifestyle for 45 years and for past 20 years, also seminars revealing spiritualistic practices in health and healing.  Having presented in churches, camp meetings, colleges, 3-ABN TV, Better Life TV, DVD (in Russian), and Authored 3 books on spiritualistic healing practices, translated book into Russian and translation presently is in process for Spanish and Tegulu (southern India).

Web Sites        

  1.     From this web site, chapters of the book Exposing Spiritualistic Practices in Healingcan be read, downloaded, and printed.

There are additional articles on the web site that are not in the book.

  1.     This site features the book Alternative and Mystical Healing Therapies: Are They Medically Sound and Spiritually Safe??   (special for non-SDA)                                      Trailer video for book     

Books Authored:

  1. Spiritualistic Deceptions in Health and Healing    (2007)  pp. 270                                            
  2. Exposing Spiritualistic Practices in Healing    (2012)  pp. 700 
  3. Alternative and Mystical Healing Therapies: Are They Medically Sound & Spiritually safe?   (2016)   Special for non SDA  pp. 380
  4. Russian translation Exposing Spiritualistic Practices in Healing, free download from web site

Books available at:  1-800-823-0481                       
                                          eBook available on Kindle         

Available for seminars.  1-503-357-6571                                                                                                                                Seminars exposing “mystical medicine” conducted internationally for last twenty years.                     

YouTube videos :  Six - 27 minute videos filmed at Better Life TV

You Tube—Truth Tube:  Many videos live streamed from seminars    1- 503-357-6571   Forest, Oregon  

Eric Wilson

Eric Wilson

Background and Experience –

Raised in a 7th day Adventist Christian home, Eric Wilson began training in the martial arts at the age of fourteen, just after his parent’s separation and divorce. Searching for purpose and meaning in his life, and struggling to understand the storm which had destroyed his family and his home, Eric began the journey on a path which promised confidence, assurance and control. Yet little did he realize the darkness into which that first step would lead him, nor the influence which these mysterious esoteric arts would play in his own marriage and his walk with the LORD.

“Over the next 24 years of training, Eric received black belt and instructor certification in seven styles of the combative arts; and was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. With a background in natural and alternative medicine, Eric also studied extensively in the field of “energy healing,” and was recognized as an instructor in the Chinese Internal arts of Tai-chi chuan, Bagua zhang, Qigong, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The life he lived was to all appearances a success.

But through the years involved in these Eastern mystical arts, he had become blind to the forces which had set themselves to destroy both he and his family, and in 2003 his marriage crumbled and fell apart. But praise be to our Mighty God! . . . After nearly 5 years of separation and divorce, the LORD in His great love and mercy began to open Eric’s blinded eyes, and to turn him from darkness to Light. Now, Eric began to see the character and power of God as never before; as our Lord (Sovereign King) Jesus Christ wrought mightily to break the chains which had held him in bondage to the powers of darkness, doubt and sin, nearly all his life. Through the unfailing promises of His Word, the LORD reunited Eric and his wife in their love for one another and His Covenant of marriage, restoring both their family and their home.

In 2008, as Eric was reading aloud the promises of God’s Word, he heard our Saviour's Voice, saying, “Go and tell what great things the LORD hath done for you!” It was that day that Isaiah Ministries was born.  And since that moment in time, it has been his greatest desire to share the Glad Tidings of the Salvation freedom, deliverance, healing and restoration, which has been wrought in Christ Jesus upon Calvary, and is now freely given to all who will in simple living (active) faith, take hold of Him and the unfailing power of His Life giving Word !

“For the Spirit of the LORD  (Jehovah, Yehuwah) is upon Me, because He hath anointed Me to proclaim the Glad Tidings to the poor; He hath sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind . . . . To set at liberty all those that are bruised (repeatedly beaten down), and to proclaim the time of acceptance* of our Lord and Sovereign King! Luke 4:18-19 & Isaiah 61:1-3 ref: Matthew 28:18-19, Ephesians 1:4-6 and 1:18-21

Media and Printed Resources –

In 2014, Eric and his family were blessed by our Lord and Saviour, to work together with Little Light Studios in making the true story of this miracle available as a 2 disc documentary film set, called “The Dragon Revealed !” Since that time, the LORD has opened the doors for us to share a five part series on Amazing Discoveries TV (AD satellite channel); an audio and video interview program with Dr. Yvonne Lewis and Angela Lomacang on 3ABN and 3ABN Radio; a powerful series of messages at the 2016 GYC Conference, and a six part DVD set filmed on location with Steps to Life Australia. This message series, which is also available from Little Light Studios, provides the most in-depth look at Martial Arts, Eastern Mysticism and Energy Healing of any series available so far. 

We have also been privileged to work together with Amazing Facts AFCOE Europe for the last two years, as well as Faith & Evidence Ministry in Portugal. And most recently we have just completed a 9 part series with Secrets Unsealed, called “Alpha and Omega” on the Eastern Roots of Spiritual Formation. 

By the grace of God, the Lord has also provided the way for us to make available a small illustrated sharing booklet 64 pages in length. The booklet id titled Light Shining in Darkness – Prelude to the Dragon Revealed, and is designed to help answer many of the questions which are now facing Christians, concerning the spiritual nature of the eastern arts and health practices.


Eric is now active in full time ministry, working to share the very real dangers of spiritualism and eastern mysticism in our modern world, and the subtle ways in which Satan is seeking to use these practices to counterfeit God’s last message of love, victory and the righteousness of Christ by faith. Eric Wilson is available for speaking engagements within the United States as well as abroad.  Please feel free to contact us if you would like to schedule a series of meetings with your church, school, p-meeting.

Contact Information

Eric Wilson and family - Isaiah Ministries; 233 J. Walking Way; Gray, TN 37615

(423) 477-7836

EWilson7 - YouTubeChannel - The Dragon Revealed ! disc.1 - A Subtle Deception (Acupuncture, TCM and Energy healing )

Online Ministry


Magna Parks Poterfield, Ph.D. Psychology

Magna Parks-Porterfield, Ph.D.

Magna Parks Poterfield, Ph.D. is a psychologist who received her Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Ohio State University.  She has previous experience in teaching on the university level and working in private practice. She currently has a health education organization (Be in Good Health) with her husband, Ron Porterfield (who worked at Uchee Pines Institute for 10 years). Together they have traveled and presented seminars in the US and abroad. They have also had several opportunities to present both on 3ABN television and radio.

Books Authored:

Christians, Beware: The Dangers of Secular Psychology

Treating Depression Naturally

Keys to Optimal Mental Health”

(All can be obtained through website: OR through Amazon)


Am available for seminars on the dangers of secular psychology and on mental health in general.

Contact Information:

Email address:

Phone:  678-561-7512


Kok Tho YIP

Kok Tho Yip FCA, is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Now 70 years of age, he grew up in a Taoist family, believing in ancestor worship through a family altar for the veneration of the immortal soul of his deceased ancestors. When he was 18, he practiced Zen meditation till when he was 38, when he became a Seventh-Day Adventist. He is Chairman of Aenon Health Care, a residential lifestyle modification center that has been operating for 20 years in Malaysia.

Over the last 10 years, Kok Tho’s research, seminars and material address the dangers of eastern meditation and their foundational beliefs, how it is taking root in the west, in Christendom, mental health therapies, transformational health and social movements, high levels of government and in business leadership. Kok Tho correlates his previous personal involvement with pantheistic spiritualism, their belief system, neuroscience research of eastern meditation and the Bible to bring sharp contrast to differentiate between Biblical meditation versus false Christianized derivatives of eastern meditation

Kok Tho has spoken extensively in US, Canada, Australia and Asia, was interviewed on 3ABN Australia, videoed for a documentary of spiritualism by 3ABN, USA and had spoken at Dr Neil Nedley’s EQ Summit in Weimar on Biblical meditation and the scientific and Biblical evidence against Mindfulness as a derivative of eastern meditation.

His website is

His videos may be found on YouTube ( Under Yip Kok Tho ) and AudioVerse ( under Kok Tho Yip )

His speaking circuit takes him annually to the US. His contact is below.


17.09.2020 23:19

Angelina Rivera

Hi there, I am interested in becoming a certified meditation instructor/coach, what would you say is the best in order for me to receive these credentials. Christ centered of course. Thanks.

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Will Baron

Hello "m". Please do send me an e-mail. If my e-mail address is not attached to this reply, you can see my e-mail address on this webpage:

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Would like to contact Will Baron about Feldenkrais, Rolfing, applied kinesiology comparisons. If you have any free material on mysticism, I would like for the research group to send them to me. Thanks

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Mrs Han Siew Lung

I am aware of the a few of these deceptive practices. I would like to receive more information for my own benefit and to share with others.