Dr Waggoner And Dr Kellogg Panentheistic Quotes

Ellen G. White: The Early Elmshaven Years Volume 5 1900-1905

Chapter Number: 21. Chapter Title: The Threat of Pantheism

Paragraphs 01, 02,

Page 284. Paragraph 08, Page 285

Dr Waggoner -

When a man knows and recognizes that every breath he draws is a direct breathing of God into his nostrils, he lives in the presence of God, and has a Spirit-filled life. . . . Let a man breathe by faith, and he will be full of the Spirit of God.

The Lord is constantly at work. God works in us, constantly building up, repairing waste, and healing all manner of diseases. "I am the Lord which healeth thee." But in addition to the fact that God is in every man, we must recognize that He is in everything—the food we eat, the air we breathe. These are a means of ministering life to man.

The Living Temple. Pages 28-29

Dr Kellogg-

  • God is the explanation of nature,—not a God outside of nature, but in nature, manifesting himself through and in all the objects, movements, and varied phenomena of the universe.
  • So there is present in the tree a power which creates and maintains it, a tree-maker in the tree, a flower-maker in the flower,—a divine architect who understands every law of proportion, an infinite artist who possesses a limitless power of expression in color and form; there is, in all the world about us, an infinite, divine, though invisible Presence, to which the unenlightened may be blind, but which is ever declaring itself by its ceaseless, beneficent activity


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Fred Bischoff

The most extensive explanation of God's relation to nature that Ellen White gave can be found in "Testimonies for the Church" Volume 8, pages 255-335, section "The Essential Knowledge", 1904.