R #04 Father Richard Rohr's Work Is To Promote Eastern Non Dual Christianity !

Father Rohr states: " The understanding of " the core of the centre of the whole mystery" of Christianity, that Jesus is fully divine and fully human is unlocked by eastern non duality !

The peak-exoerience of all eastern meditation and their Christian derivatives is non duality which has many names in their respective religious traditions. Nirvana or Advaita Vendanta in Hinduism. Sartori in Zen. Awakening or Liberation in Buddhism and in the modern meditative practices such as TM, it is termed God-Consciousness. Now in Christian contemplation, the experience is described as " being in God's intimate Presence". 

The clearest way to grasp the meaning of non duality is to examine the Buddhist narrative of the non dual "awakening" or "liberation". Buddha was a prince in the palace where he knew only life. The king and queen shielded him from the knowledge of death. One day Buddha followed a charioter outside the palace walls and for the very first time he saw death. Buddha confrontation with the duality of life and death, good and evil and sufferring was the motivation of his search for ultimate peace.

In Buddha's religious tradition, one's personal record of good and bad deeds give rise to "karma" with the consequence of "reincarnation" into either a better or worse existence depending on one's "karma" account. This Buddhist thinking is a frightening concept.

In Buddha's meditation, he arrived at an awakening, a liberation from the plague of the above polar opposites. In his non dual experience, all polar opposites vanished. In his meditative realm when there is neither evil nor good, his "karma" disappered. When there is neither life nor death, he was liberated from " reincarnation". 

Non duality is a state of altered reality when all polar opposites vanish. The meditator goes beyond the bounds of good and evil, life and death, heaven and hell, God and Satan. In the moment of "awakening", in the instant that evil is denied, good is also denied. The same applies correspondingly to God and Satan. Ultimately, in that non duality is a denial of Satan, it is in the same instant, a denial of God. 

Father Richard Rohr points to the mystery of Jesus being "fully divine" and "fully human" as "the core of the centre of the whole mystery" of Christianity which he says can only be understood with the non duality of eastern meditation. He sees non duality as the means to grasp the duality of Jesus constitution. But he is wrong to apply non duality as the key to open the mystery. When the eastern concept of non duality is applied to Jesus' divinity and humanity, it can only be expressed as an error, that " Jesus is neither divine nor human" . Non dual can only be applied this way and in its correct application, it denies Jesus' true nature. The Bible states that Jesus is both human and divine.

This is the exact opposite of Father Rohr's mis-conceptualizing Jesus as neither human nor divine thru non dual. Father Richard Rohr is misapplying both Christianity and Buddhism. His strage version of non duality fits neither into the east nor the west. But, it does serve the purpose of a platform, vague as it may be for his agenda of unity of all religion, but into one confusing mass.  

Hear him misapplying non duality as the key to Jesus' divinity and humanity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvg2DgjVgbE 


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